Eva, New Robotic Film from Spain

This movie looks pretty awesome. Eva is set in the not-so-distant future (2041), in which humans live with mechanical creatures. Alex, a renowned cybernetic engineer, returns to Santa Irene -after being away for years- to build a child robot.

The most recent synopsis says Alex’s brother David and Lana have a ten-year-old daughter, Eva, a very charismatic little girl. She and Alex have a special connection from the first time they meet. From the trailer, we see that she is curious about robotics, or at least what Alex is up to in his workshop.

The following may be a spoiler, considering it’s from an older website, not included in the new one, and is quite different. A previous synopsis says that Eve became an amnesiac after being the only witness of a tragic accident where her mother dies. Eve enters the world of robotics with Alex to try and find her identity. If this version is correct, it is not hard to guess at least one of the plotlines. Either way I look forward to this film.


Eva will premiere in December 2010. See the trailer here (with high tech awesomeness!). Production pictures from an older site here.


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3 responses to “Eva, New Robotic Film from Spain

  1. Heads up: Persons Unknown may not have been on your radar because none of the lead creators or actors are Latinos. However, it’s a joint venture with Mexico’s Televisa, and it’s being filmed in Mexico City, so lots of the incidental characters, and almost the entire production crew are Mexicanos (as I learned when I happened to look at an episode’s credits).

    It’s 8 eps into a 13-ep run.

    • Thanks! I will check it out.

    • I saw the whole run! If I didn’t know it beforehand, I wouldn’t have guessed it was filmed in Mexico. But since I did, I kept noticing things and places in the background, and that made it fun. I bet someone living in Mexico would enjoy seeing places they’re familiar with used in a very different context.

      Although there were some people I really wanted to die already- in particular the mom that just wants to go back to her daughter who annoyed me in every episode- I’m sad it didn’t get resolution. I did wonder how they would have made the story last more than one season.

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