Welcome to my blog! ¡Bienvenidos!SCIFI LATINO came about because of my love for science fiction and fantasy. Why focus on Latinos and Latinas?  Because it gives me a thrill to see people like me in my favorite genre, and I want to celebrate each and every one of them. The blog will review current television series, canceled shows, movies, books and anything else that I consider genre-worthy and where we see a Latino participating in a significant capacity. He or she may be an actor, a director, a producer- I want to reach out and get to know as many as I can. SCIFI LATINO will cover English and Spanish language media from the U.S. and abroad. Once in a while I’ll cover Spanish (from Spain) projects too because of the obvious Latino/Spanish connection. As I mentioned, I do love fantasy too so this blog will cover that as well. I live in Puerto Rico, so I have access to a lot of the local fandom activities and will blog about as many as I can.

I welcome any suggestions or recommendations of your favorite Latinos working in the genre. I’m making a list!  ¡Gracias!

You may comment or send suggestions in English or Spanish.

Happy reading!



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