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SINO: New Film from Chile Fantástico

Production company Chile Fantástico has a new film in development called Sino (Fate). Previously I had written about Abandonados, another genre movie they made. I still haven’t seen Abandonados– am patiently waiting for the DVD. Sino is set in Chile and follows a young couple of professors who go on winter break and are faced with “extraordinary events.” Although it’s hard to tell what the movie is about from the description, we can probably piece it together from the movie blog and the trailer.  The Sino blog talks about two life philosophies: sino, or having a destiny, and the other point of view- that we make our own destiny. The trailer asks if love can conquer death. So the film is related to love, tragedy, and if it’s possible to change your destiny.

Check out their blog and Facebook Page for production stills and “making of” pictures. The trailer is on YouTube. If you hate trailers that give away the plot, well, you’re in luck because you can’t tell much with this one other than the winter mountain setting is beautiful.

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