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Grimm season 5, episode 13 went way into Luchador wrestling territory in the epic episode “Silence of the Slams.” We got three Latino guest stars in the main story and a shoutout to the Olmecs. Muchos spoilers ahead!!!

Goyo (Joseph Julian Soria) is a young luchador who is tired of losing to his opponents in the ring. The fights are fixed so that “good guy” Mayordomo (wrestler Chavo Guerrero, Jr.) always wins while Goyo’s avatar Kawama is paid to lose. We first see Goyo visiting his luchador maskmaker Benito (Danny Mora) who, after unnecessarily shaming Goyo for not knowing Spanish, tells him he can make a winning mask. Goyo thinks the price is too steep, but after losing yet another fight (and getting more Spanish shaming from his boss), goes back to Benito and orders the mask.

After Goyo leaves we see, surprise! Benito is a creepy kind of Wesen, Víbora Dorada,  that makes magical masks by paralyzing Wesen, then skinning their faces off while they’re still alive. He then uses a Santería ritual to transfer the Wesen’s powers to the mask wearer. The mask has rules however: Goyo can never wear it outside the ring. Of course, he does… and that’s when his problems begin. The mask makes him violent and eventually grabs hold and doesn’t let go. At this point Rosalee is called in to perform a ritual to remove the mask. As Rosalee is the show’s science officer, this totally works but Goyo is left with psychological scars and a future trial for murder.

All in all a solid Grimm episode, with the monster-of-the-week plot outshining the B story of Eve & Company. Also, Goyo’s story briefly touched upon how he gets harassed for not speaking Spanish, an issue not commonly seen on television but business as usual within the Latino community.

It would have been awesome if Benito somehow got his masks from already dead Wesen because he seemed like a character I’d want to recur, perhaps helping Rosalee expand her Santería skills. His method did make for the grossest moment of television I’ve seen all week though.

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Moved to Tumblr and Twitter!

Thanks for visiting. I’m posting over on Tumblr and Twitter now. I also post on the Facebook page. Not sure if I’ll revive this WordPress site. In the meantime, you have three places to keep up with Latinos in Sci-Fi!

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The Geekrican Project

The folks from Puerto Rico Comic Con have organized a small exhibit of geeky art by Puerto Rican artists celebrating Puerto Rican geeks or “Geekricans.” I stopped by and took some pictures to share. If you are in Puerto Rico, the exhibit will be open until May 15th at Artlab gallery, Calle Condado 306 in Santurce. Look for the red door.

This year PRCC will be held May 22-24 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.


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Free Comic Book Day at Metro Comics

This past weekend was the yearly Free Comic Book Day, when comic book stores around the world offer their customers special free editions of new comic books and usually have additional events, like artist signings and cosplayer groups. This year we stopped by Metro Comics at San Patricio Mall in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. We arrived before opening which was a good thing because the line gets pretty long as the day goes by. The store is a pro at this day and has good crowd control so even though it’s a small shop it accommodated everyone and the wait wasn’t bad at all. They use the mall’s hallway for their extra events.

Some local artists were in attendance and I purchased some Puerto Rican comics and got them signed for no additional cost. One of the free comics from the States was in Spanish. It was Castilian Spanish though, which sometimes takes me out of the story because my brain isn’t used to it.

I had a great time as always. I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time but I’ll share what I have. I’ll write about my local comics haul this week, so see you soon!

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05/04/2015 · 6:42 pm

Protocolo, Sci-Fi Short From Mexico (Trailer)

Check out this trailer for Protocolo (Protocol) a short film about a malfunctioning “American-Chinese Cloning Company” machine. The film was made by Rodrigo Hernández as his film school senior project. He is working on a feature-length film based on the short’s premise.

Hernández will be presenting his short this weekend at SciFi London.

Source: El Economista


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