Joshua Gómez talks Morgan Grimes in Chuck

Here is a recent two-part Sci Fi Wire interview with Joshua Gómez, who plays our favorite Chuck sidekick Morgan Grimes.  If you haven’t been watching Chuck, you’re missing out on some geeky goodness.  Chuck is about a Nerd Herd tech (think Geek Squad) who involuntarily has a program called the Intersect dumped into his brain. Chuck becomes a CIA and NSA agency asset with top secret information that helps solve spy cases. He is awkward at his new role, especially at the beginning of the series. Joshua plays Chuck’s funny and endearing best friend and coworker. He gets into hilarious situations at the Buy More store along with the rest of the geeky and socially awkward employees. Joshua has acted in other genre titles like Invasion and voiced several video games.

The interview has some Chuck scenes, but if you’re caught up to season 3, episode 9 (Chuck vs The Beard) you should be spoiler-free.

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