Uruguay Has a Panic Attack (Sci-Fi Short)

Ataque de Pánico (Panic Attack) is a great four minute short by Uruguayans Federico Álvarez and Mauro Rondán in which we see Montevideo attacked by giant robots and enemy spacecraft. It is refreshing to see this city’s landmarks attacked by aliens, since I thought aliens only knew about the U.S. and Japan. Go Montevideo! (Oh, wait…)

Filmed in 2006, it took Álvarez and Rondán 6 months of work (over two years) to finalize it. They spent around $300 U.S. dollars, making it a low-budget marvel considering how cool it looks. The pair also developed a different video clip for Uruguayan band Snake at the same time they worked on the short.

See the entire short here (music is In The House – In A Heartbeat from the 28 Days Later soundtrack):

UPDATE (11/28/09): Uruguay newspaper El País informs that Federico Álvarez will commence pre-production on a feature length film (ironically without robots) with a budget of at least 30 million dollars. His Panic Attack video was seen by the powers that be in Hollywood, and like a dream come true, they came knocking and now we will have another scifi Latino film!

Álvarez signed a contract with Sam Raimi’s production company along with co-screenwriter Rodolfo Sayagués. So far they haven’t released any other information about the movie other than it’s going to be science fiction and that the pair will have creative control. This is exciting news and I wish them the best of luck!


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4 responses to “Uruguay Has a Panic Attack (Sci-Fi Short)

  1. Shit! That was awesome.

    But why do the giant robots want to kill us? 😦

    • latinageek

      You’d think they would be more logical in their approach, right? Maybe be more rational and less EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Then again, if A.I. is created by warmongers, can we expect anything better than disaster?*

      *See “Cylons” or “Skynet.” Or “Johnny 5.” 😉

  2. I had fun reading this refresing and thought provoking topic. Thanks.

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