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La Última Muerte, Newest Scifi Film From Mexico

La Última Muerte (The Last Death) is a Mexican science fiction film from writer/director David Ruiz released this month in Mexico and soon to have a limited release in the United States (February 10 according to IMDB). According to a post on Filmeweb, Ruiz is a fan of science fiction and wanted to explore the theme of futuristic medicine.

La Última Muerte is set in the near future. The story begins when a young man, ‘Christian’ (Kuno Becker), is found injured in the woods by Dr. Jaime Alexanderson (Álvaro Guerrero). Christian has amnesia and apparently has been the subject of experimentation, possibly having to do with cloning. Once at the hospital, Christian fails to register in the global identity database. This raises a huge red flag with the authorities and Christian becomes persecuted by the feds, with Dr. Alexanderson helping him out.

Star of the movie Becker reportedly lost 20 pounds, shaved his head and eyebrows, and endured uncomfortable colored contacts that covered the white of his eyes for the role.

La Última Muerte was filmed in Mexico and Argentina. Find more information (in Spanish) and photos at the official website.

Here’s the trailer:

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