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Abandonados (The Abandoned), Chile’s World War III Film (Trailer)


Recently premiered in Chile, Abandonados (The Abandoned) presents a dystopian Chile after World War III. Based on the short Calor 2052,  survivors try to live on despite their memories, loneliness, and ensuing madness. The young director is David Contreras Silva, fellow genre geek and comic book artist, who previously directed gore film Demencia (Dementia). Looks like he has a theme going! Despite a low budget, Contreras had the support of the community including local firefighters and the army along with private and public funds from Los Ángeles (Chile) institutions.

Here’s a link to their movie blog (in Spanish) and the production company Chile Fantástico‘s Facebook Page. Hopefully we will get to see it soon in the northern hemisphere.

The Abandonados trailer looks great!  It is in Spanish but you can get the gist of it. It has a voiceover of a reporter talking about the war for water resources, and how it came to Chile along with Christmas 2049.

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