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Women on Top: “The Future of Women (El futuro de ellas)”

Movie Poster: El futuro de ellas (2011 film)

Poster: El futuro de ellas (2011 film)

Set to premiere in the winter of 2011, The Future of Women (my translation, not official) is a film set in a world where women rule.  It follows two police officers, Lara Cabel and Mila Brieros, in their dangerous mission of stopping world-renown assassin Michaela Tomasi. A mysterious organization has put out a contract on the President of Europe; looks like political conspiracy permeates the government and the movie.

Poster for 2038: El futuro de ellas (2008 short)

Poster for 2038: El futuro de ellas (2008 short)

The feature length film is a reimagining of last year’s short “2038: El futuro de ellas” which had the same director- the young, geeky, and Spanish Rubén Arnaiz. I have not had the chance to see the short, but the concept is an interesting one. In what ways will the world be different if women are in charge? How did they come to power so soon (if it’s also 2038 in this film)? It is post World War III in the original short- is that what changes things? The short’s description said that in the future there are no men, but the full length film only says that women are the government leaders so we’ll see if this changes.

The film’s official blog (in Spanish) is mostly about the short production, and just started with news of the full-length film. Here’s hoping that we’ll actually get to see it on this side of the pond…

UPDATE 8/1/2010: The producer updated the official blog today with the bad news that El Futuro de Ellas will take longer than expected because they’re working on another movie called Doble Sesión. Director Rubén Arnaiz will continue researching for the script however, inspired by sci-fi novels such as 1984, Children of Men and Icon. They will start writing the script in early 2011 and film in spring of 2012. The movie is now expected to premiere in late 2013.

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