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Cosmonaut, Spanish Film for All (Trailer)

From Spain, and set in 1975, El Cosmonauta is about a Russian cosmonaut sent to the moon and eventually lost in space. But through radio broadcasts he claims to have come back to Earth and found it devoid of humans. Sounds eerie!

A group of young Spanish filmmakers called the Riot Cinema Collective is financing this movie in part by crowdfunding, a way for anybody to contribute monetarily in small quantities.  For a minimum of two Euros (about $2.75), you can support this film, enter a raffle for a real cosmonaut uniform, and be listed in the credits.  It has a free online distribution model under a Creative Commons license. The film’s official website is chock-full of information in English and Spanish.

Here’s a fun video about how Riot Cinema Collective formulated their idea and a movie teaser trailer.

UPDATE 3/17/2011: There’s a second teaser trailer now on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/20996973. Shooting will start at the end of May for about 6 weeks, and they’re looking to meet their goal of 3000 producers by then. The trailers look great, so I would say this is an easy investment. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook  in English or Spanish: @cosmonaut_movie, @el_cosmonauta; and Facebook (facebook.com/cosmonaut.movie, facebook.com/cosmonauta.pelicula). Sorry I’m not putting in links- WordPress is giving me a hard time. But you know what to do!

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