El Secreto, Mexican Fantasy Film Premieres Next Week (Trailer)

El Secreto (The Secret) is a Mexican movie with elements of the supernatural that will premiere in Mexico City on December 3rd. No word yet on when it will show outside of Mexico. It looks pretty interesting, especially considering it is low budget. I recognize a couple of excellent actors from different Mexican shows.

Here is the synopsis translated from the movie website:

After her mother’s murder, Emilia’s life changes radically. When she goes to live with her aunt she realizes that the woman keeps a secret that has been hidden and protected for centuries- a secret for which entire nations would pay any price to acquire and men would kill for. Emilia is on the brink of its discovery…

Check out their official website here for movie images, their Facebook page for a behind the scenes look, and follow them on Twitter for updates.

I added English subtitles to the trailer here. Or watch it in Spanish below.


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3 responses to “El Secreto, Mexican Fantasy Film Premieres Next Week (Trailer)

  1. Well Guillermo del Toro has proved that Mexicans can produce good Fantasy. Maybe it is with Fantasy and Science Fiction that the Mexican film industry will get the comeback it needs. Viva Mexico!

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