Caprica Season 1, Episode 3: Gravedancing (Review)

Sam Adama and stakeout buddy Bob the Bull

[Minor plot points in this review]

Gravedancing starts off with a bang, so to speak, and a frantic press-covered search for terrorist evidence. Graystone goes on the Backtalk TV show to fix the PR nightmare about his family and holoband technology- after being extensively coached on what to say.  The episode title refers to Daniel Graystone and his PR team trying to enhance the Graystone Corporation image by tarnishing that of deceased Zoe.

This episode of Caprica was more about character development than moving the plot forward. We learned more details like: Amanda Graystone’s specialty is plastic surgery (who else thinks that’s a useful skill to have for when Cylons get humanoid skin?); Zoe played the cello; Avatar Zoe finally gets a new dress!; robot lab geeks can’t dance; and the Global Defense Department investigators hold personal grudges against the Soldiers of the One. The show stealers however, were Sam’s stakeout partner and Will Adama’s grandmother; interestingly enough, both are deep-rooted symbols of being Tauron.

In this episode, Joseph discovers that his mother-in-law is the Tauron mafia boss. Not really- but she could be.

As for our Latino watch, we see Joseph (I’ve started pronouncing it “Yoseef” in my head) Adama’s inner turmoil after asking his brother Sam to kill Amanda Graystone. He kinda wants to, but he kinda doesn’t. By the time he makes up his mind it might be too late for Mrs./Dr. Graystone.  Esaí Morales does a great job showing increasing desperation, and I loved how Sam Adama’s character played off his brother’s anxiety. Olaf Willow (Panou) finally shows up in the Willow super-huge bed in a brief but memorable family moment.

Panou (Olaf Willow, lower right) gets some interesting face time

One final note: Did you catch the old school Battlestar Galactica music homage? It was frakkin awesome!


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4 responses to “Caprica Season 1, Episode 3: Gravedancing (Review)

  1. Cara Mayberry

    My only question is – what the hell was the grandmother preparing?!? The last two nights, as I sliced raw meat to cook for dinner, that same question popped into my head.

  2. I can’t even lie. I don’t watch Caprica.

    I have no desire to watch Caprica.

    Not even for Esai Morales, who I had a thing for back in the day.

    I was just idly scrolling through for some articles on sci-fi movies when I saw that photo.

    O HAI ORGY. 😀

    …perhaps, I should start watching Caprica.

    • LOL! Well, there aren’t orgies in every episode but Caprica does like liberal coupling arrangements. Group and gay marriages aren’t seen as anything unusual. Pretty refreshing, no?

      The one prejudice that clearly stands out are planetary- people from Tauron (where Esai’s character is from) have a host of prejudices against them, no matter if they are gangsters, lawyers, children, etc. People from Caprica think they are great, even though lots of them are corrupt.

      Start watching! I want to know what you think.

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