América Ferrera in How to Train Your Dragon (Trailer)

astrid how to train your dragon

Cool girls don't look at explosions

Emmy and Golden Globe winner América Ferrera will finally be in a fantasy film I will actually watch (sorry, Tinkerbell). The star of Ugly Betty- love it- will voice Astrid in the upcoming animated film How to Train Your Dragon.  From what I can tell from the trailer, she’s a friend of the main character Hiccup.  Hiccup is a Viking teenager in a tribe of dragon slayers, but he isn’t exactly the dragon slayer type. He befriends a dragon and tries to convince his fellow Vikings to see these creatures as something other than really dangerous pests. I haven’t read the children’s books it is based on, so here’s hoping that current fans and new folks like me both get a wonderful movie. It certainly looks awesome! I’m a fan of Craig Ferguson and Gerard Butler too, so that’s extra incentive to watch.

The trailer is viewed best at the official website. It looks amazing! How to Train Your Dragon will be in theaters in March 2010.


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3 responses to “América Ferrera in How to Train Your Dragon (Trailer)

  1. Brittany

    I loved the movie! I went and saw it yesterday. Toothless is such a cute dragon. You gotta’ see it. 🙂

  2. it was awesome! i hpe ther is the second one!

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