How Not to Time Travel: Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes) Movie Review

I Spy a Time Paradox

I Spy a Time Paradox

Cronocrímenes is the first feature-length science fiction film from Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo. It was filmed in Cantabria province (northern Spain) and The Basque Country.

The movie begins with a couple moving into a new neighborhood. Their home is pretty much isolated, which sets things up nicely for a bit of a scare. The husband, Hector (Karra Elejalde), receives a mysterious phone call with no talking but plenty of heavy breathing. Hector finds it strange that anybody would know their new number.

While his wife is away running errands, Hector takes a break and sees something strange in the bushes near his house and decides to investigate the neighboring trail. What he finds forces him to run away and he stumbles upon an unusual lab in his escape route. Hector becomes an unwilling participant in a time travel experiment and he creates a paradox that is theoretically interesting although you do wonder how a seemingly smart human being could make so many bad choices. There comes a point in the film where you may get lost amongst the timelines. Still, it is an interesting treatise on the perils of time travel that is less fantastical than most movies– it is a more “realistic” view if you will. Also if you enjoy a bit of horror with your time trekking, you will enjoy Cronocrímenes.

Beware there is another YouTube trailer that contains spoilers.  This one is spoiler-free:

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