2009 Alma Awards Winners

Selena Gómez, Ricardo Montalbán (here with Esther Williams in the 1948  film “On an Island With You” ) and Lauren Vélez were were recognized at the 2009 Alma Awards ceremony

Selena Gómez, Ricardo Montalbán (here with Esther Williams in the 1948 film “On an Island With You” ) and Lauren Vélez were were recognized at the 2009 Alma Awards ceremony

As an update to my previous post, here are my impressions of the Alma Awards. First, it was not live.  While I found this annoying in a way I loved how it shaved off show time. Usually award shows like this go on for way too long. This one was packed into two hours of nonstop acceptance speeches, video montages, and performances. The best performance was by a young singer called David Archuleta who I had never heard of before but since the tweens on Twitter were going crazy for him I looked him up and turns out he was last year’s American Idol finalist. He sang a timeless love song in español (Contigo en la Distancia- Together Across the Distance) effortlessly. Kudos to David! Shakira gave a disappointing overly sexual performace of She-Wolf. Shakira, you don’t need to do that, honey. Your talent transcends any body gyrations you can make onstage. Nelly Furtado sang Manos al aire (Hands Up) from her first album in Spanish (and I loved it). I think the only thing I really disliked about the Alma Awards was George Lopez’s sense of humor- repeatedly putting down your own people to get laughs really isn’t the best thing to do at a show that intends to transcend stereotypes. Lopez’s comments made me uncomfortable during the whole show. At least Eva Longoria was classy.

They didn’t present any winners to the “Year Behind the Scenes” category, so check the link below for the full list of Alma winners in case it was a separate ceremony. (It wasn’t up when I wrote this.) Here are some genre highlights from the awards ceremony:

  • Edward James Olmos presented a special sports award to boxer Oscar de la Hoya for his boxing and philanthropy work. We all know Admiral Adama likes boxing, so he was a fitting presenter for this particular award. Before presenting it, Olmos blessed the audience and I swear was *this* close to saying “So Say We All!” Maybe not- but I like to think he wanted to!
  • The gorgeous Salma Hayek, who has been in several genre films, was very gracious with her long time fans and dedicated her Anthony Quinn Award for Industry Excellence to them. Thanks Salma!
  • When Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place) accepted her best comedy actress award she said that there were many other nominated actresses more talented than she is. Perhaps, but this girl definitely has the potential of greatness and the fact that her show focuses on a Latino-heritage family makes it a win for families who watch Disney TV. Latino kids can watch other kids like them on TV, and other ethnicities can enjoy some Disney bubblegum with a Latino flavor. That’s inspiration right there.
  • Rita Moreno presented a special recognition of Ricardo Montalbán and his work helping other Latino actors in the industry. They had a great video montage, and his role as Khan was singled out! I had no idea how hot he was when he was young and starting out. Wow.
  • Dexter’s Lauren Velez won best TV drama actress. When she got up to accept her award I did a double take because there were TWO of her! Not really; it was her twin sister. Sweet of them to be together like that.

From one boxer to another

From one boxer to another

I don’t think the Alma Awards are very accurate in actually giving out awards; I suspect they are more image awards than performance awards, and they don’t like to repeat winners. It makes sense in a way because the Alma Awards is a concept created by the National Council of La Raza, the largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. In the end, I suspect the award statuettes are an excuse to get together and celebrate Latinos in the business in one big fiesta. I’m OK with that to an extent, because awards might end up going to the same batch of excellent actors year after year, and that would get old fast. What we need then are more Latinos in the industry. When we become commonplace, award shows like this will become redundant.

Winners announced on the actual show were (full list here):

  • TVACTOR, COMEDY: Oscar Nunez, The Office
  • TVACTRESS, COMEDY: Selena Gomez, Wizards of Waverly Place
  • TV ACTOR, DRAMA: Benjamin Bratt, The Cleaner, A&E
  • TV ACTRESS, DRAMA: Lauren Vélez, Dexter, SHO
  • ACTOR, FILM: John Leguizamo, Nothing Like the Holidays
  • ACTRESS, FILM: Penélope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona


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19 responses to “2009 Alma Awards Winners

  1. SDB

    I agree with you 100% when you say: the best performance of the night was by David Archuleta; it was simply “perfect”! David is not only an incredibly talented young man but he is also a remarkable human being; a role model for people of all ages. I invite you to check his live performances during his tours (on youtube); read about how is making a difference in this world through charities; how he is changing the lives of many people for the better. If you have the chance, go and see him in concert; he is beyond amazing. His first Christmas album is coming out on October 13th; you can pre-order it at amazon.com. David is simply the best! el mejor entre los mejores. Un gran orgullo para todos los hispanos en el mundo!

  2. SDB

    By the way, I am 43 years old and I was one of those going crazy on Tweeter last night, writing about his performance. I adore David Archuleta! I’m his fan for life!! 🙂

  3. kel

    I’m in my 40s and I’m a David Archuleta fan. He’s 18, but he can sing anything (he covered Mariah Carey, J. Lennon, Billy Joel, Selena, a Phantom of the Opera song, Elvis, and Shop Around, from a Motown R&B black group), from impromptu a capella requests at his live shows or appearances, to his original pop songs like Zero Gravity, Waiting for Yesterday and Crush. His fans are definitely not only tweens. My 9 year old even prefers David Cook. Archuleta is an old soul, and he even likes Led Zeppelin, Yes and Manhattan Transfer. His father is a jazz musician, so he has a sophisticated taste, but he’s in many ways your typical 18 year old, just more mature and down to earth.

    I’m also into old, black and white movies so I’ve followed Ricardo Montalban’ career.
    He was a lead man and he was paired w/ white, popular actresses. He often portrayed handsome, successful, sophisticated characters, unlike the stereotypical Mexican characters in early movies. He really opened many doors to Latin and Spanish characters.

    I agree w/ your comment about Shapira, although I think she resorts to sex appeal because there are hundreds of better singers out there, so she has to use her “other” assets.

  4. jess

    david’s performance was wonderful. i agree, the best of the show. i also agree about shakira. she’s got real talent and i don’t understand why she would cheapen herself like that. it made me sad.

  5. latinageek

    Well now that David Archuleta is on my radar, I will definitely check him out!

  6. lct

    I too am an older fan and I fell in love with this young latino when he first appeared on AI. He is truly a prodigy and gives stellar performances. He has the ability to do pop and as you can see – he can also sing in Spanish! Can’t wait for Oct 13 when his Christmas CD comes out!

  7. violet4ever

    I’m an adult fan of David’s and I was tweeting too. David has fans of all ages. His singing and his smile grab you initially but there is so much more. He is such a humble, honest, optimistic, hard-working young guy and he is kind to everyone. My favorite thing is that he is always himself. He’s funny too even though he’s not trying to be. If you want to follow him on Twitter he’s DavidArchie. I can’t wait for his Christmas album Oct 13.

    I’m also a life-long science fiction fan and Galactica on SciFi channel was the best science fiction series I have ever watched (glued to the TV every week). I was thrilled to see Edward James Olmos there.

  8. Lisa

    Couldn’t agree w/ you more, David Archuleta’s performance was fabulous! He is such an amazing person and singer. His Christmas album coming out also has a Spanish song on it, and is the #1 seller on Amazons holiday list now.


    I have to agree with you, David Archuleta was the best performer last night. He was spot on and brilliant, he took my breath away 😀

    Oct 13 his next album comes out called “Christmas from the Heart.” He has a song sung in French and Spanish on it, can’t wait after hearing the way he sung last night. To think he is only 18 yrs. old, I can only imagine what he will sound like when his voice has reached his potential “-)

  10. mandi

    Well alma was a class event as usual and David Archuleta fit right in. A vocal talent is an understatement….I can’t seem to stop watching his performance on yt.Power and restraint=win.

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  12. Debbie

    David Archuleta was the highlight of the show. I don’t understand Spanish but I would definately buy a David Archuleta Spanish CD. Just that voice and the guitar, no prerecordings, no autotune, no second takes, first time was perfection. He sure is one Stunningly Handsome young man with so much class, go get em David, you are loved by millions.

  13. Caliente

    David Archuleta was unbelievably AMAZING!! WOW!! He is so classy and HOT!! like Shakira’s song but why can’t she be classy too? sheesh!

  14. There was a lot of variety in the entertainment, but my favorite performance was definitely David Archuleta. I do not speak Spanish, but he has a way of reeling you in so that you really think you know what he is saying. What a beautiful young man with an incredible voice!

  15. Lucy

    As far as Shakira, It appeared that she was possessed by some strange entity. David, Oh David, Truly was the highlight of the show. His look is so versatile. He can be preppy, boyish, classy and pop/rock star.He is awesome. As far as Mr. Lopez. He seriously needs to find new material. To bash on your own heritage leads me to believe that he is lacking creativity within hiscareer.Don’t understand how the NCLR allowed him to get away with it. His remarks surely defeats the goal for the organization. George! Stop it now! That type of
    humor stopped long ago. You need to snap out of it and get real by supporting and encouraging your
    fellow Latino brothers and sisters.

  16. DA for realz

    I enjoyed your review of the Almas and pretty much agreed with your remarks. I almost turned the show off when it started with that awful Shakira routine. I like Shakira -what was that disaster last night?
    Absolutely, David Archuleta was the highlight of the show. That was a stunning performance and LIVE! (others all looked lip-synced except for maybe Nelly Furtado?). Anyway, David A ruled last night!

  17. gracie

    David Archuleta’s performance at the ALMAs was stunning! No other performer today has the vocal ability of this young singer! Shakira almost made me turn off the television set. I’m glad I didn’t, because about 25 minutes into the program David Archuleta came on and about blew my mind!!! He is amazing!!!!!!!!!!


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